WikaWitaWid is an open-source, humorous collection of objectively-biased perspectives aimed at highlighting fact vs fiction. The goal, if nothing else, is to make you laugh. But if this site succeeds in making you think cleverly about world issues, then that’s even better. Just remember the following simple framework to craft something magical:

Vocab (part of speech): define a piece of vocabulary that is essential to your perspective

What I Know – challenges people to think objectively, identifying facts over opinions (eg. know zebras are mostly black and white; know people are neither black nor white)

What I Think – helps address where individual perspectives fit into the equation (eg. think people are awesome; think zebras are awesome)

What I Do – aligns knowing and thinking with a call for action (eg. have an interracial baby in an attempt to make a doubly awesome zebraman do respect the historical implications of color; don’t blanket stereotype because your own history with certain colors is jaded.

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